No better company when hiking through the woods than with this gorgeous gal.

Meet Victoria, she is so beautiful inside and out, and has the most contagious laugh that results in no one being able to stop laughing. She is always wearing a smile, and in fact I don’t think I have ever seen her without one (unless upon request of a serious face or she is with her siblings being genuinely goofy.)

And last but not least, she joins me in my crazy adventures of hiking to a half frozen waterfall even when it is a little chilly outside… okay more than a little. So a big shout out to the lovely Victoria, for such a wonderful afternoon full of lots of great pictures, ice, deer, laughs, and hot chocolate. Also many thanks to everyone checking out the blog post today and supporting Sophia Aasa Photography; you all are so wonderful and I am beyond blessed.



Behind the Scenes

“My favorite part of the photoshoot was the deer because it was out of the blue, there was deer in the background so we had to take a picture.”


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