The purpose of every session..

The purpose of every session is not to be like any other session. I always strive to create each session around the individual or family I am photographing. When the session is shaped around the personalities and interests of a person there is no way of replicating a session, which I love!

Each session is an opportunity to create and I don’t even have to come up with a story. The story is shaped by who I am photographing and it starts with getting to the core. Before every session, I meet with each and every client for many reasons and the first is to get past the awkward meeting phase so when the session comes we can jump into photographing.

Meeting every client also is an opportunity to get to know them, prepare for the session, and customize what is needed such as locations, ideas, activities, and session times.

I have the honor to create around people and who they are. It’s exciting, always new, and I am so thankful to be able to provide personalized sessions like this. Looking for a senior or family session or maybe even have an idea for a photography project that is brand new? Awesome, let’s chat!

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