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Tim & Jayde

I would like to thank all that made this incredible session possible. First off the weather for cooperating, second to the leaves for holding on for dear life, and most importantly to my favorite/only brother and the most beautiful girl he could ever be so blessed with to call his fiance, Jayde, none of this would have be possible without you.

I knew my brother would be proud if I added a little flair/goofiness so I decided to give him my very best Oscar winner version of a post. All joking aside, it was such an honor to photograph you both with all your excitement, love, and genuineness it truly outshines the leaves, sunshine, and all.

Congratulations you two! Blessings on all the adventures to come. Enjoy!

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Senior Pictures – Sheldon

We beat the rain, dodged a skunk, and even saw someone take their cat to the park; I would call that quite the successful session.



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It’s the little things

Tomorrow is a new day. This takes on a whole new meaning when you are expecting a little one. I had the honor of capturing this beautiful family as they enjoyed an afternoon weeks before baby’s due date. I am so happy to have captured this phase in their lives that will be forever changed when the new little one shows up.

Some people think most of their life is boring, but I like to discover the special parts of every day. I see love, personality, joy, and learning. This little guy knows more about planes than I probably ever will. Maybe it’s just a passing phase, but now it is archived forever. Here are a few special moments, enjoy!

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