Life in 2015

With the New Year comes new ambition…

  1. Website Update: Still a work in progress but overall changing the look, design aspects, and mission of my blog. (check out homepage!)
  2. Incorporate a more personal spin on my blog and include some of my adventures of everyday life. ( Keep an eye out in April for my blog post following a trip to the Dominican Republic!)
  3. Future project ideas being thrown around including creating books on my travels.
  4. I rearranged my office space so I mean business! I am reshaping my business plans and tactics for Sophia Aasa Photography helping everything run smoothly.
  5. Always Learning: Finding new resources and using old ones such as creative live, online blogs, and tutorials. Planning on incorporating my new found smarts into my blog posts so we can all grow creatively.

A More Personal Note:

    • Be thankful for everyday.
    • Make opportunities.
    • Use all work hours.
    • Be a more ambitious cook.
    • Make time for those you love most more often.

A few goodies from Christmas.

Normal Family on Christmas Eve


And yet… not so normal


Caption: No eggnog was needed in the making of this picture.


Thanks for Reading!!


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