“Little by little one travels far.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Little by little my traveling experiences have slowly expanded beyond the U.S. with my very first trip abroad to Italy. Within the last week marks an anniversary of this adventure sponsored by the Bethany Lutheran College Art Department. The trip focused on many of my favorite things: art, amazing food, art, travel, and art. My first trip abroad was definitely like a leap into another culture full of beauty and history that exceeded all that I could have ever imagined.

The trip lasted a week and consisted of many different cities including: Venice, Florence, Rome, Orvieto, Assisi, Ravena, and Pompeii (many portrayed in images below). It was so amazing to me to not only enjoy such a beautiful country but also to be able to capture it. I wandered the streets of Venice on a rainy night with one of my best friends; was surrounded by historical architecture and art that I couldn’t possibly dream of or fully understand until I saw it; I walked by and through ruins that exceeded so many lifetimes; and ultimately I loved every step because I didn’t know what to expect next. (continues below)

Italy1-070final.jpgItaly1-055-2_1.jpgItaly1-10918x10 copy_1.jpgItaly1-163_1.jpgItaly1-221_1.jpgItaly1-3528x10_1.jpgItaly1-3928x10.jpgItaly1-40022.jpgItaly1-395.jpgItaly1-359_1.jpgItaly1-450_1.jpgItaly1-1146.jpgItaly1-12758x10 copy_1.jpg

I hope to one-day share my vision of this beautiful country with others through a book and maybe some day go back and perfect it. At the moment I am in the process of creating a book all about Italy focused on my imagery. It is truly amazing that these adventures no matter how big or small are part of you forever and shape you in subtle and major ways. The memories also seem to ripen over time, as does my appreciation for all the opportunities I have been blessed to have through travel experiences. (cont. below)

Italy1-9248x10_1-c36.jpgItaly1-9018x10_1-c85.jpgItaly1-823edit28x10_1-c81.jpgItaly1-879_1-c88.jpgItaly1-10212-c97.jpgItaly1-17218x10_1-c3.jpgItaly1-1774_1-c94.jpgItaly2-0708x10_1-c65.jpgItaly1-19568x10 copy_1-c32.jpgItaly1-2023-c68.jpgItaly1-24848x10_1-c52.jpgItaly2-0428by10-c33.jpgItaly2-0048x10_1-c13.jpgItaly1-2174_1-c95.jpgItaly2-5928x10_1-c34.jpgItaly1-309-c13.jpgItaly1-964-c39-c45.jpg


So my final words are a recommendation; capture the moments no matter how big or small and maybe even write about them. Though some trips may be close to home for others they are oceans away. We are all so very blessed and I wish everyone a very wonderful week!


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