Family Matters

This documentary session is full of firsts; capturing a beautiful couple with their first baby, in their first home. I find this series so powerful because with every passing day, month, or year comes lots of changes and the reality that where they are now will always be part of them and will always be known the beginning of their lives together and the start of their family regardless of growing up or ever moving. This thought makes me beyond excited knowing that I got to capture this place at this point in time to be part of these memories.

While on vacation, this series made me reflect on how even my grandparents started out just like this with their first home and starting a family. Now they not only have grandchildren but also great grandchildren that love them and fill their farm house every chance they get. So I wish many years of happiness to the Emory family and can’t wait to see what God has is store for you, it has been an honor to capture your beautiful family in your first home.



Family pictures to end the wonderful session

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