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Welcome little one!

Our sweet little one is here and though this mama has been a bit behind, we are celebrating 3 weeks with our daughter Ada.

If there is one takeaway I have learned it is how far from in control I really am in life. This might sound silly and obvious but up until the birth of our daughter and the recovery of a c-section, I haven’t had any other experiences that have so clearly affirmed that truth.

I would love to say that I welcomed it gracefully, but in all honesty it has been a big challenge for me. However, every day I get to learn more about this precious child, I get to witness in awe my husband so naturally taking care of our little one, and I hope to lean into my faith even more to be the mom that He wants me to be. Because if I have learned anything, it’s that I can’t do anything on my own without His grace and mercy and that is my peace.

A few of my personal favorites.

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Malawi Part 2: Photography

Part one of the Malawi series was focused on the sweet little ones we met through Kingdom Workers disability ministry, who all stole my heart and taught me so much. Feel free to check that out right here. In this segment of the Malawi series, I focused on a question that I wrestled with during our time teaching at bible school in Malawi, Africa.

Should I be taking pictures or should I be living in the moment…

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Winter: personalities of cats

Getting pretty restless being snowed in every other day so I decided to see what my cats thought.. Enjoy!

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Malawi- Kingdom Workers

Dear friends,

Today is the first of a series of posts about my experience in Malawi, Africa with non-profit organization called Kingdom Workers. Our mission was to learn, encourage, share, better understand the disability ministry program in Malawi, worship with those in the village, and finally sing our praises with 500 children at Bible school, teaching them songs in English. Beyond that goes prayer, personal growth, and shaking up how I think about many things.

Today is a letter to the children that have left the biggest impact on my heart. Each child is paired with a volunteer for their disability ministry. I think of each one of them often and am so honored to have met them.

Dear Isabella, Happiness, Emma,Toca, Neduzanyani, Chifuniro,

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Life update: preparing for Malawi

Hey Friends!
On a previous blog post I touched on an adventure that was always coming up/in the future and this weekend its actually happening! Currently trying to find calm amidst all the nerves and excitement as I prepare to get on that big jet plane and head out for a two week mission trip to Malawi, Africa. This post is definitely more personal in the fact that I don’t share a lot about my life, but I am so excited to today as I prepare and process all that is to come.

For some perspective my husband and I live in a sweet farm house surrounded by fields, lots of outdoor kitties, and a beautiful big lawn that my husband so kindly mows.. thanks bud! Anyway this is my bubble/home/safe place and the thought of leaving that comfort and most importantly the husband that made this place home has been super hard. So here I am preparing to go beyond all my comforts and learning to think beyond my personal needs and the bubble.

Truth is it is so hard to not think about yourself, which is so selfish, but I quickly realized this problem when all my discomforts were falling into the same category of all that I would be missing from home. It didn’t account for all the ways I could serve, grow, and be strengthened, that was all overshadowed by what I thought was my needs, but was actually just the wants and desires of my comfortable life.

Around the same time I was first looking into different opportunities to serve, we had a visiting pastor at my church who was from Syria and talked about comfort zones. How it’s good to be uncomfortable because so often those uncomfortable situations lead to so many incredible opportunities for growth that we wouldn’t even know could happen. My advice for myself is to focus on those words, focus on the why and everything learned already, and finally look for the good when fear and doubt comes creeping in. The realization is that I will truly never know unless I try it, and knowing myself I will never learn unless I pursue an opportunity that forces me to prepare.

So thank you to all those who have supported me, encouraged me, prayed for me, believed in me, and especially to my husband who is just incredible in so many ways and is always there for the good, the bad, and the ugly versions of myself as I process through all these things. And finally thank you for all your support and for showing up by being here. If you have anything that you are wrestling with, any questions about this experience/ process, or even some advice comment down below! I would love to hear from you. Also it means so much to me that you took the time to read this, so as a reward you get to see the newest additions to our cat colony!!

Meet Marco and Karla

Can’t just say I’m going for a walk gotta combine going for a walk and exploring with a parade of kitties – I call it catventures. 🙂Have a blessed day!

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