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Tim & Jayde

I would like to thank all that made this incredible session possible. First off the weather for cooperating, second to the leaves for holding on for dear life, and most importantly to my favorite/only brother and the most beautiful girl he could ever be so blessed with to call his fiance, Jayde, none of this would have be possible without you.

I knew my brother would be proud if I added a little flair/goofiness so I decided to give him my very best Oscar winner version of a post. All joking aside, it was such an honor to photograph you both with all your excitement, love, and genuineness it truly outshines the leaves, sunshine, and all.

Congratulations you two! Blessings on all the adventures to come. Enjoy!

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Curran & Skye – Winter Proposal

I am always honored to photograph life’s happenings and how exciting and humbling it was to document Curran’s proposal to Skye. I have photographed with Skye before back during her senior year, and now years later, on the spot where they shared their first kiss on a small town road, I’m hiding behind my car waiting for this beautiful moment unfold so excited for everything to come.

What an amazing day it was. We photographed in the cold Minnesota weather, but I’m pretty sure happiness must be a heater all on it’s own because they made it through.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, and without further ado Curran and Skye’s proposal! Enjoy!

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Josh & Janessa

I am so busted, but I love Disney movies. I am currently hooked on Inside Out, and if you haven’t seen that movie, you better go see it.

At the present time our memories are so vivid of all the familiar places and routines of daily life. With life changing so quickly, some of these specific memories become foggy and some even seem to leave the memory bank all together. What I find so powerful is that photographs have this ability to bring us back to those memories even if they were forgotten.

This storytelling session is a celebration of the love and adventures of Josh and Janessa. This is the beginning of their story together. The memories that won’t become foggy or disappear with time. So enjoy this fun little preview of their story.


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Michael & Sable

“We were together. I forgot the rest.” -Walt Whitman

Michael and Sable’s session was a beautiful composition of the past and present. We began our adventure at the park where they first met and ended with a fun afternoon of shopping, eating delicious cookies, and exploring the beautiful view of Clear Lake. It was so much fun celebrating their story. Seeing them laughing and so happy makes me even more excited for their future. Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs. Storby!


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Sweet Summer Love

James and Kaitlin got married a few weeks back on a gorgeous July afternoon surrounded by their closest family and friends. It was such an honor capturing all the excitement of their day and getting to know this wonderful couple. James and Kaitlin made the day all their own by incorporating things they love.  They had comic book flowers, a dinner menu of their favorite foods, and sentimental details like the bride wearing her mom’s dress. The service was in a beautiful country church with a backyard reception at the family farm to celebrate the happy couple.

After months of planning, these two best friends finally got to “wear fancy clothes and promise to get old and wrinkly together” (-James and Kaitlin) and  I am so excited for them as they start this whole new adventure as husband and wife. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. and God’s blessings on all the years to come!