Big changes

The title is not only to significant to our growing family, but oh goodness has my belly grown. It is so unreal that we are already so close to the end of these nine months of pregnancy, but I am so thankful for each one and the incredible growth of this little one. I have been pregnant through many of the seasons and am so thankful I have a few spring and summer photos to remember this time with.

This is our first baby and I have no idea how to comprehend what’s coming. We did not find out boy or girl, but are so excited for that added surprise to come. We cannot wait to meet this little person that has been kicking around my tummy. Now just praying for wisdom and strength in the next step in this adventure.

Pregnancy has given me lots of opportunities to be in the frame and lots of practice working with my tripod to document this quickly changing time. I am so excited to continue documenting even more for our own family and after a bit of maternity leave continue photographing for others as well.

Even Weeks 12-36!

Finally I just have to say thank you so much for all your support and prayers even if they are just starting today they mean the world to us. Also many thanks to Marta Faugstad for photographing some awesome summer maternity photos for us! So thankful for these images!

Image so beautifully taken by Marta Faugstad
Image so beautifully taken by Marta Faugstad

Next blog post there should be another little one on the team! Blessings on your day and as always thank you so much for your support of Sophia Aasa Photography and our growing family!


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