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You know that incredible feeling when everything just comes together. Well we found the perfect locations to match Hannah’s sweet personality and love for fashion.

I love that Hannah wanted to incorporate the city she calls home, and it was such a blast exploring beautiful Minneapolis with our little entourage. I am so excited to finally share Hannah’s senior collection!



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Peace and quiet

How long has it been since you have enjoyed true quiet. I’m talking no appliances kicking on, background noises, traffic sounds or overhead airplanes, only you and your thoughts.

My husband and I stumbled across one of those sweet spaces where the world seems to go quiet and things seem simpler. One spontaneous roadtrip and a million wall drugs signs later, we made it to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

Even thinking back to our adventure, takes me from overwhelmed and negative to a sense peace. I think God gave us these extraordinary pieces of natural grandeur and the quiet, to remind us that no matter how big life’s trials may seem, He will always carry us through. So enjoy a fun collection of Devil’s Tower, and take a little time when you need your own peace and quiet.

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When did my baby sister become a senior! We had such a blast celebrating her sweet and spunky self. Being the oldest, I always knew that she looked up to me, but little did she know how I looked to her as an incredible example of a kind and caring heart.

I am so proud of her, and am so blessed to be able to call this sweetheart my sister and friend. Can’t wait to see all that God has in store for her!



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