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Capture life not just the milestones

They grow up so fast.

I’m sure for parents that is the biggest understatement of the year. Not that I can talk because I don’t have any kiddos of my own, but even within my own family I cannot believe all of the changes within the last year alone.

This has led me to explore a new world of documenting families exactly as they are. By capturing the familiar daily adventures, out comes a beautiful visual of the real character and personality of each person. Life is filled with moments and changing so fast. Change is a beautiful thing, and documenting along the way is an great reminder of the past and all the memories that have shaped us into who we are.

So without further adieu, the story of this adorable family.


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And we’re back!

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind preparing for this incredible adventure that we have been blessed with. The suspense has been killing me…

We bought a house!!

We finally have our very own a little piece of Iowa to call home. Country, garden, farm house, the whole deal. I still cannot believe its ours even as our things begin to fill the spaces, it still feels unreal.

Many thanks to our families and friends who have supported us through the whole process. So excited for this new chapter not only to get back to being inspired by the beauty of the country but also to grow my business from a concrete homebase. Time to get crackin! Have a great week everyone!

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Josh & Janessa

I am so busted, but I love Disney movies. I am currently hooked on Inside Out, and if you haven’t seen that movie, you better go see it.

At the present time our memories are so vivid of all the familiar places and routines of daily life. With life changing so quickly, some of these specific memories become foggy and some even seem to leave the memory bank all together. What I find so powerful is that photographs have this ability to bring us back to those memories even if they were forgotten.

This storytelling session is a celebration of the love and adventures of Josh and Janessa. This is the beginning of their story together. The memories that won’t become foggy or disappear with time. So enjoy this fun little preview of their story.


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