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In Between Rain Showers

Very fortunate to have such beautiful weather for this shoot with all the spotty rain showers leading up to the session. Thankfully the sun came out and it turned out to be the perfect afternoon, really not a mosquito in sight.
Throughout the session the feeling of contentment and happiness was so moving as this adorable couple shared just a glance and expression showing pure joy that this was all theirs and they loved it all. It was such a wonderful session with these three adorable boys filled with cartwheels, tree climbing, laughter, and of course there was dirt involved. I hope everyone can have just as much fun this weekend as these guys were having. Happy Friday!

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Oh, How They Grow

A little throwback Thursday blog as we look back to when this little one was small enough to fit in a basket. Philip began his journey quite small as he was born two months premature, and a couple months after his birth I got to capture him and his tiny features, that months before were even tinier. Now it is just as exciting seeing him grow as fast as the grass outside. Below is a black and white collection of past and present images of Philip taking in the familiar surroundings at home and sharing that adorable smile. Your challenge for today, to get through these images without smiling. Happy Thursday!!








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Practice as if you are the worst, Perform as if you are the best.” – Jaspher Kantuna


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Confession: When I first met Hai, the statement “Hi Hai” actually came out of my mouth. Enjoy this fun session with the energetic, soccer loving, conversationalist Hai at the very beautiful Seven Mile Creek Park.



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