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The Windy City Followed Me Home

Hey Everyone!
So this is just a fun little blog post to share a few images from a wonderful trip to Chicago over President’s Day weekend. Granted they are iPhone photos because honestly I didn’t want to bring my camera out in such freezing cold windy weather so it stayed home. My husband and I had some great adventures while being blown away by both the wind and also a beautiful wintery view. We enjoyed some hot chocolate, the planetarium, an epic hockey game, lots of exercise, lots of wind, lots of bus rides, and even a little shopping. On this windy Tuesday I can’t help but reminisce about Chicago, as it seems the windy city has caught up with us yet again thankfully not nearly as cold.


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Other Bloggers

I am so thankful but also extremely jealous for the wonderful bloggers and online resources out there, who share their insights and life experiences with the world. Lately I have been searching through many blogs and websites and found a few favorites that I want to share with you all.

  1. Phlearn- This website is spectacular for photographers and anyone interested in learning editing and really any photography tips. They are great a reference to revisit and learn from and the host always seems to be excited which makes it all fun.
  2. Miles&Miles: This is just a personal favorite that focuses on a couple traveling the world. They include stories and imagery that I personally love and also envy. So check out Miles & Miles!
  3. Braid Creative- This is a website for two sisters who began a creative business. They have a blog and email out newsletters that cover different aspects of being in the creative business. They address situations that some may think are rare but are actually very common while giving insight on how to deal and work in such a business. It is always a fun and insightful read, and they are now adding a podcast. From this blog, I take away the power of sharing your thoughts and experiences because there are probably thousands of people going through the same thing and we can help each other grow creatively by sharing. Thanks Braid Creative!
  4. Snappy Casual—Another personal favorite, this local blogger is so wonderful and the stories she shares are so sincere and very fun to read. Her blog posts are very personal which is refreshing to me as she documents the fun life events that others wouldn’t think to write about. Thanks Snappy Casual Blogger!
  5. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Not a blog or website but a really great movie so you should just watch it.

Check out all of these fun websites and the one movie and comment if you have any others that you love. I would love to add to my favorites.


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No better company when hiking through the woods than with this gorgeous gal.

Meet Victoria, she is so beautiful inside and out, and has the most contagious laugh that results in no one being able to stop laughing. She is always wearing a smile, and in fact I don’t think I have ever seen her without one (unless upon request of a serious face or she is with her siblings being genuinely goofy.)

And last but not least, she joins me in my crazy adventures of hiking to a half frozen waterfall even when it is a little chilly outside… okay more than a little. So a big shout out to the lovely Victoria, for such a wonderful afternoon full of lots of great pictures, ice, deer, laughs, and hot chocolate. Also many thanks to everyone checking out the blog post today and supporting Sophia Aasa Photography; you all are so wonderful and I am beyond blessed.



Behind the Scenes

“My favorite part of the photoshoot was the deer because it was out of the blue, there was deer in the background so we had to take a picture.”


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