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The paths We Take

“Give thanks with a grateful heart.”-Thessalonians 5:6

So thankful for such amazing weather and great company. Meet my amazing friend/cousin Marta. I am blown away by her ambition and strength and cannot wait to see what God has in store for this beautiful lady. So happy that our taste for adventure hasn’t changed since we were kiddos and so blessed for a friend that has been there throughout all the years (minus one month). Many thanks to my beautiful cousin for a fun fall adventure.


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The beauty of fall as it graces us with it’s overflowing palette of color and light. As the leaves tumble down we see changes in temperature and hours of the day, yet so much beauty to overwhelm such dwindling hours. I can’t imagine living void of such changes and yet though the days get shorter I am so thankful for the time we are given with such beautiful weather that can only lead to contentment.

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